Friday, October 17, 2008

Reasons Not To Vote For John McCain: Summing It Up

I started this blog back in June as a way to disseminate to then-ambivalent Hillary supporters the reasons why I thought no supporter of Hillary Clinton should support John McCain. It’s grown since then, and as a (formerly!) non-politics person, it’s sometimes hard to think of what to say without sounding like another whiny liberal blogger. But I’d like to bring back older posts that many of you haven’t read, and sum up my reasons not to vote for John McCain. Honestly, I think the older posts were my best ones, and I'd like to share them with you one more time. Thank you for reading.

No Hillary supporter should vote for McCain because he has opposed everything Hillary Clinton stands for: abortion rights, equal pay, access to healthcare including contraception, comprehensive sex ed. He also has behaved misogynistically in his personal life.

Sunni, Shia, remember that controversy? McCain's multiple "gaffes" demonstrate a lack of understanding of the basic relationships in the region, which will be vital to create a lasting peace. Thought foreign policy was supposed to be his strong point.

McCain's campaign is filled with lobbyists:

The economy: Phil Gramm, McCain's chief economic advisor, who resigned but still advises him, wrote the legislation that deregulated energy commodity trading. That's what allowed Enron to collapse, and that allowed speculators to drive up the price of oil. Gramm also wrote the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which deregulated the financial services industry and in large part resulted in our current Wall Street meltdown. By the way, Gramm has been mentioned as a potential Secretary of the Treasury in a McCain administration.

McCain takes a lot of money from lobbyists. Read the blog post for an interesting discussion of what this will mean for him politically, in contrast to the 3 million small donors supporting the Obama campaign.

Drill, baby, drill. McCain believes more offshore drilling will somehow make an immediate big impact at the pump, and remain environmentally safe. The day after he announced this turnaround on oil drilling, (the very next day!), he had a $1.3 million fundraiser with Texas energy industry executives. Did any of you happen to catch the number of oil rigs damaged or missing after Hurricane Ike, and how much oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico? Half a million gallons.

McCain wants to give more and more tax breaks to the people who need it the least: the top 1% and especially the top 0.1% of earners in this country, and almost nothing to the lowest 25%, those who can barely fill their gas tanks and put food on the table. By the way, the top 1% earn over 20% of the nation's income.

McCain's gun policy is so extreme, he won't even speak out against a loophole that allows people on a terrorist watchlist to buy a gun. Oh, wait, his top foreign policy guy lobbied for a gun trade association that opposed closing that loophole. Right. (same guy who lobbies for Georgia).

Sarah Palin would assume the role of president if 72-year-old-he-with-a-history-of-cancer were to die. In my opinion, appointing her showed a terrible lack of judgement on McCain's part.

Palin is just the first of McCain's appointments. If elected president, yes, he can appoint Supreme Court Justices, but also a million other people you'll never hear about, but who carry out whatever McCain's party line is going to be. Remember Monica Goodling??

McCain has done his best to distract the American people from the issues with political stunts. Remember "lipstick on a pig?" His campaign itself has admitted that if they spend too much time talking about the economy, they will lose the election.

McCain, though a veteran and former POW, has voted against the interests of our troops and veterans again and again. Got a "D" rating from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

McCain wants to tax your health care benefits until it gets so expensive that your employer will just stop providing them. Good luck on the deregulated free market! Yes, unbelievably, he also wants to deregulate the health insurance industry. If you're a health care provider, good luck getting reimbursed once the markets are deregulated!

I've tried hard to stay away from subjective "gut-feeling" topics on this blog, but this post will be incomplete if I don't ask you to stop and think, now that the campaigns are nearly behind us, about which candidate you think has acted like a man you'd want to be in charge of our nation.

Well, that's it. Thanks so much for reading, and please pass this along to anyone who isn't committed to voting for Obama. We’re going on a family vacation the week before the election, so this will be one of my last posts, barring another video or big topic idea.

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Anonymous said...

Obama did have a lot of small doners donate to his campaign. But, he also said that he wouldn't take donations from lobbying groups, but when asked to release the list of people that donated, he refused to allow it. Maybe he was protecting the privacy or the small doners, or didn't want to get caught in a lie. But it is suspicious with all of the money he raised so quickly.